The core activity of PERITUS ACT Sp. z o.o. is managing of automatization projects in automotive industry and production industry as such. The company has been active since 2001 and in its portfolio has projects realized for the biggest global producents.

Our specialists manage programming tasks in the area of industrial informatics, production steering, production managing systems (SCADA/MES). They perform start ups of the implemented systems as well as they provide advisory and planning services over implementation. They provide planning services in the area of information and informatics systems for production.

Other side of our professional activity is programming, we create web based software and mobile applications. Technologies we use are mainly: JAVA including SpringBoot, Spring, Hibernate and jmix frameworks. REACT Native, SQL, HTML 5 +CSS 3 Python, PHP, JavaScript (jQuery), REACT.js. We create software designed and tailored individually for each one of our customers