DXQoperate – Dürr product family allows operators and maintenance technicians to efficiently interact with equipment on the shopfloor. By visualizing system data and modern control mechanisms of work site, users can access information quickly when it counts. This information is enriched with maintenance monitoring as well as instructions, thus giving maintenance technicians the full set of tools necessary to finish the job from anywhere in the factory.

DXQoperate products: 


DXQequipment.operation establishes the digital interface between production equipment and operators. As a state-of-the-art human machine interface (HMI), DXQequipment.operation intuitively provides visualization and control on any device with an HTML5 capable browser. The complete integration of application, process and conveyor technologies creates a seamless user experience throughout all levels; from the plant level to the individual equipment and process steps. DXQequipment.operation can be used in body shops, paint shops as well as trim and final assembly.

zrzut ekranu DXQoperate - 3Donsite; pokazuje działania 3D na części samochodu


It is a universal toolbox for Dürr EcoRP and EcoRS application robots to help operators with the configuration of process parameters as well as the programming of robot paths. By providing a virtual environment for testing and simulation, the risk of implementing modifications within the plant floor is reduced significantly. Operators have the choice to use the software in an online or offline mode, effectively being able to monitor the impact of modifications before they are implemented into live production. Moreover, DXQ3D.onsite helps operators diagnose and optimize process parameters through an intuitive visualization and interaction.


DXQequipment.maintenance is a web-based maintenance software for the entire factory. It monitors and displays maintenance tasks based on either pre-defined time periods, fixed dates, actual controls values such as counters and operating hours, or algorithm results from DXQequipment.analytics. Maintenance technicians get direct access to further documentation for a maintenance task and the location of the component to be maintained. Executed maintenance tasks are acknowledged by the operator and automatically stored in the history of the maintained component. The optional editor can be used to customize the maintenance database by adjusting the properties of the predefined tasks or adding custom tasks. All views provide various filter and sorting options.

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